LOUD Artists are proud to be agent for SPQR worldwide exc. North America. 


From havoc-wreaking, no-holds-barred freak outs on stage, to a startlingly crafted batch of songs in the studio, SPQR are an intriguing band and an ever-changing creature. 


In the beginning, SPQR made their name purveying a brand of jagged art-rock that at times crossed over into both the heavier music spectrum and more ambient, progressive territory. Their current sound is deliberately more difficult to pin down — a smart, multi-faceted blend of their deep love for, and knowledge of, a wide range of influences. 


The Liverpool alt-quartet have worked long and hard to find their own carefully worn niche in which to pupate and develop their sound and image — in short, part psych-orderly, part Danish design aficionado.

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