LOUD Artists are proud to be agent for Black Coast worldwide exc. North America.


The blue collar town of Stoke-on-Trent, home to Black Coast: a ‘Stokie’ 5 piece that offers no glitz or glamour, just raw, honest and real music that hits you hard and fast.


Black Coast burst out of their local scene in 2017 with their debut EP ‘Crows Of The North’, followed by EPs Ill Minds Vol1 & 2. In 2018, the five-piece were offered the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to Japan to showcase their talents on an international level. Meanwhile the band’s releases received national attention including Kerrang! Radio, BBC R1, Metal Hammer, Rock Sound, Kerrang, Upset Magazine and more.


Moving into 2021, singles ‘Paradise’ & ‘Vodka Smile’ unraveled the challenge and adversity filled year that was 2020. The band garnered strong support from platforms including radio plays on Triple J (Australia), Kerrang Radio (UK), Radio Fritz (Germany), Radio Bremen (Germany) and online support and track reviews from Kerrang!, Rock Sound, V13, Dead Press, Blunt Magazine, and Hysteria magazine to name a few.


After penning a deal with Blood Blast/Nuclear Blast, Black Coast are making sure the next chapter of their story is told their way. Honesty and reality will be evermore present in the next chapter of Black Coast’s music. Debut album ‘Outworld’ is out November 19th 2021.